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Work process

Excellent results come from well-established processes and, of course, a passionate team that will bring the idea to life. This workflow that we have developed really works and is convenient. Why? Because from the very beginning to the end of the project, processes flow naturally, properly. Step by step, with flexibility and good communication, we deliver the value of the product piece by piece.

Our work process

Together with you we discuss your challenges and choose the most effective way of solving them. We interview you to understand your business, understand the processes and offer the and concentrate on the result you get after our partnership.

  • Init

    We start with an initial meeting with you to discuss the idea, ask questions, and sign the NDA.

  • Discovery

    For getting borders of the project, we should do initial BA, high solution design. We draw wireframes, schemas and do high level estimation. So we got approximately SOW.

  • Design

    Your idea is starting to get colors. Our wireframes and schemas are moving to the designers. In parallel at this stage, we have a negotiation about the signing contract. We check all requirements so that we are all on the same page. Together we set up all processes like approach of the development, communication points etc

  • Development

    The biggest part of the project. Now the high solution design becomes first architecture then coding. You will be aware about progress and will always be able to check it by yourself. After coding is completed it is time for quality assurance to check that product fits to the requirements.

  • Delivery

    Now we have a ready-to-go solution that you can test. Of course, you already have manuals and your codebase has good documentation. If everything is ok we start the deployment to production.

  • Support

    After a great launch, we are ready to maintain your product, do augmented development if you need.

Are you ready for your business growth?

Let’s move your business forward to the clouds! Tell us about your idea! We will interview you and offer the best solution for reaching the goal.