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Actual Articles

Technologies stack

  • Angular
  • TypeScript
  • Node.js
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Goal of the project

A quick way to get actual articles about selected tech mail subscriptions. The fastest way to get actual articles from email subscriptions by TypeScript Weekly, Node Weekly,, and Serverless Framework!

This extension shows just articles from the latest issue of subscriptions. When a source releases a new one, the extension erases the old articles and shows new ones.

You can mark articles as read to skip and select sources on the settings tab.

Also, you can suggest adding any source that you're interested in to keep an eye on updates in this small extension.


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Other cases

  • We've automated client's daily workflow for managing media files in cloud storage through their Media Asset Management system. This not only helps them save money by moving files from hot storage to cold storage but also optimizes the reverse process.


    100 Thieves

    • AWS
    • Serverless
    • TypeScript
    • Node.js
  • We've created an Adobe panel for 5th Kind CORE Digital Asset Management. This panel enables users to seamlessly access DAM functions within PremierePro. With it, users can ingest and download assets, manage metadata, and collaborate effortlessly. Plus, the panel leverages IBM Aspera for data transfer, ensuring files are sent up to 300 times faster than with FTP


    5th Kind

    • TypeScript
    • CEP
    • HTML
    • CSS