Technologies stack

  • Angular
  • Node.js
  • AWS
  • Adobe CEP
  • Firebase
  • 3

    Months of work

  • 197

    Covered test cases

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    Cloud storages

  • 1370

    Gb of content transferred

Goal of the project

A lot of people use cloud storage for their daily work. Especially in the media production industry where source footage might be really huge as well as a number of files and folders. Sofile should allow working with remote files directly in Adobe packages to decrease the time to work with several services and simplify the process because you have all the files in your Premiere Pro.

What we’ve done

We’ve created SaaS with custom panel for Adobe packages that helps to work with your files in Backblaze B2 or Wasabi cloud storage directly from Adobe UI. Download, upload, encode sequences in single or bulk. User creates subscriptions in SaaS by storage provider and pay with Paddle.

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